Temple Texas' Premier Newborn, Children, Family and Senior Photographer 

Amy Bickel - Newborn Photography Temple Texas 

Welcome to Amy Bickel Photography

Amy Bickel - Newborn Photography Temple Texas - Located in downtown Troy Texas, serving the surrounding areas of Central Texas.  I offer unique sessions to meet your portrait needs.  Whether it’s on location or in studio.  I specialize in newborn photography, children photography, senior photography and family photography.  I look forward to creating portraits for you that will last for generations.

About My Job/Works

Hi, I am Amy Bickel! A newborn baby changes so quickly I love capturing those sweet details from their little button nose down to their cute little toes. Those moments when they are fresh and new will fly by quickly. Documenting this time as your family is growing is important.

Your images are timeless keepsakes to be passed on to generations. Fun and energetic personality are how people would describe my personality.  I love creating happy moments for my clients to treasure. Photographs speak about YOU!  Who you are as a person.  What do you want your story to say?  Let me help you tell your story through photographs.

Family and senior photography sessions are so much fun!  I'm not boring Bob!  We may be bouncing around and all of a sudden your favorite song comes on and we may just break out in dance!

My goal is for you to have fun and remember your having your pictures taken with Amy Bickel Photography.

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Premier Newborn, Family and Senior Photographer in Temple, Texas

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